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Solution of government of project of ministry of Microsoft company advisory serv

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According to statistic, effective project government solution can riseROI25%, promotion efficiency15%, the market puts speed on promotion15%, project efficiency promotes20%. Of MicrosoftEPMSolution, use face an user, be united in wedlockBe united in wedlockPersonnel, method, toolPersonnel, method, toolproject managementproject managementBand pail principleBand pail principle, manage a system to divide limits of measure, cent to business information system from the project, calculated is carried out. Plus its seasoned advisory group, the project management platform that can use expansibility, easily high and technical personnel use the knowledge of software development to place; Of MicrosoftEPMThe solution can be each enterpriseThe solution can be each enterpriseBandBandAn approximately perfect pail, fill the water of full efficient management and core competition ability for enterprise utmost. Plan setting: Contemporary company often can implement company strategy in the project, the executive force of the project concerns the executive power of the enterprise directly, lack what the project manages a solution to rely on, caused executive power shortage to be relied on effectively. And at present, a lot of domestic companies had built his informatization system, and the integral IT framework of some enterprises has been compared even perfect. But in running a course actually, advanced IT framework fails to develop his effectiveness completely however, especially a few big companies are carrying out specific project process in, because lack effective project to manage a method, when waiting for each information to cannot be reached, project plan mirrors administrative layer effectively, cause executive layer to lack seasonable, complete, significant information, make to executive layer decision-making bring difficulty. In the meantime, cannot cooperate with between single item and share, caused the information Gu island of project group, huge restricted the efficiency that integral project runs. Cong Mou is planted degree, project management system has become contemporary company what whole informatization builds is important one annulus. The project that did not suit with industry posture manages a solution, the efficient management of the enterprise and development are mentioned with respect to have no way. Be opposite however for the enterprise, had done oneself project government, still facing a lot of challenges. On one hand, the education of personnel is a key. The enterprise needs to know project management, know a technique, know trade demand, have the solution group of executive experience; On the other hand, methodological good is become. Normative management, clear technological process has crucial effect in executive process. The 3rd, the technology wants excellent. Must want to have function of perfect project management base, whole program has agile adaptability, open a gender, but expansibility and use a sex easily, make sure the technology gets used to the each field requirement of the enterprise, be accomplished truly and be in harmony of company current situation is an organic whole, in " personnel, method, tool " tripartite face is accomplished perfect.
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