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Compose builds company project to manage pre-test of supportive information syst

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Project of the division in Beijing manages summary of continuous heavy rain of institute banquet photograph to apply project management to support information system is an organization one of features of phase of high administrative levels that had reached project management maturity. The real need of enterprise oneself should be united in wedlock cheek by jowl when compose is built, ensure practical; Should hold to on content choice " wide, essence, accurate " principle; Should include to coach company project manages mobile law, code at least on content, the guiding principle that coachs the project runs a course, flow, form, detailed list that check, demonstrative text and pattern plate, still should include administration to examine and approve handle affairs guideline, and the study guidance of project management knowledge, tool and technology. Systematic need is updated ceaselessly, safeguard, hold the newest position of each information from beginning to end. Keyword: Management of project management project supports project management information system in last few years, in project management the bound is in all the time advocate and carry out " model of project management maturity " concept. According to relevant data statistic, the model that gets on this kind to have 30 kinds of above at least publishs international. Model of typical project management maturity is the OPM3 that the PMMM that HaroldKerzner place advocates and PMI publish. These models described an organization by different method from the importance that begins to realise project management, the project that achieves an organization directly runs outstanding course. In these models, "Build to be engaged in the function branch that project government works technically, -- be like, project government office, project support office or outstanding center -- providing overall support to project management of the organization is their common point of view. Now, the personnel that is engaged in project management increasingly grow in quantity, although have the old man that carries out experience for years, but more it is the people of a new type that enters this field. How to enhance the technical ability of project supervisor quickly, make they understand in the round and master the theory of project management, technology and method, tool, build practical, convenient " system of information of support of company project government (OrganizationalProjectManagementSupportInformationSystem, abbreviation OPMSIS) " it is a kind of right choice. "Project management information system (ProjectManagementInformationSystem, abbreviate is PMIS) " this term we are not unfamiliar, press the definition in PMBOK, PMIS is by use at collecting, the tool that manages process gain integratedly with transmission project and the system that the technology forms, support is started from the project begin each sides till ending. Its core function is to apply IT to undertake administrative to item whole process. The OPMSIS that says here, appear and PMIS is same a term, but its function is to have fasten at PMIS, its side holds project way at be in for project administrator again, how to carry out project management, how to undertake a project efficiently the job, how to raise project management to the respect such as skill provides support or coach, is not carry out specific management to the project. Be based on the consideration of as above, the author is platform with MicrosoftProject2003Server, for some project unit (owner square) built an OPMSIS, made beneficial attempt, the article at this point the pertinent question in second practice undertakes discussing, share with everybody. 1.
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