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EPM carries out project phase and working content

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A typical EPM carries out project cent to be 5 phase, these phase and its key activity are as follows: Conception phaseDemand of high level of definition of end of business of definition of definition project structure and scope of project of definition of user general situation, plan and budget assess a riskProgram levelInitial design makes configuration install a standard to make business flow suggest to make a framework design a standard to make a project plan to adjust project budget and venture of plan reappraise projectDevelop levelThe server of hardware preparation network that affirmatory concept confirms to with limited production pilot place needs and system of software configuration of ProjectServer2003 of SQLserver   installation make the business circuit that documentation changesStabilize levelBuild test program to found test environment measure try out exemple to undertake the test gives EPM the group in order to feedbackDeploy phaseDeploy business flow grooms with respect to ProjectWebAccess and ProjectProfessional2003 user group affirms the desktop joins cycle of executive business test and verify transfers operation group

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