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OPM3 phylogeny---The first part
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Author: JohnSchlichter, ralfFriedrich, billHaeck article section is chosen make an appointment with writing • oneself Sileikete (JohnSchlichter) , de Ruichi of Lai of blessing of • of the husband that pull Er (Ralf Friedrich) , with Bill • with a ha is overcome (BillHaeck) the submitted on annual meeting of Europe of congress of PMI whole world 2003 paper that holds in Holand DenHaag city. 1998Those who be brave in to develop year1998, one aims to was industry and the project that the government develops an international standard to obtain authorization, this project comes to the effort that passes free volunteer finish. Rather he such effort is different, tell from a lot of respects, this project is unprecedented. The project management capacity that this standard evaluates help organization and increases them and those realize the ability with constituent strategy indispensible place through the project. This standard should be model of maturity of a project management, the optimal practice that is project, plan and assorted management establishs perfect standard, show the ability that achieves those optimal practice place to need. The volunteer group that develops maturity model got the major of different district is participated in extensively of the personage in time coming from disparate industry, this is the thing that when model of a maturity is being developed on the history, had not appeared. These features had made this project is become congener the first medium. Another thing actually is farther distinguish this group and other group, namely, it is run with the means of a fictitious group almost, each other had never met the major member in the group. The course that the article recorded them to experience and model of maturity of management of development organization project (OrganizationalProjectManagementMaturityModel, namely OPM3TM) story. The decision-making process of OPM3 project accredit in May 1998, by Bill · Deng agrees (BillDuncan) American project of the leader runs association (PMI) Committee on Standard decides to design standard of series of a project management. 1998, the member of Committee on Standard comes from at disparate industry, different district, the personality of members is distinct also, their interest is wide, skill each different, be in different age paragraph. After conference of Committee on Standard that day towards evening, some committee member should seek stimulation to switchback park unexpectedly, this is going up somehow the happy mood that showed the plan develops OPM3. 1998PMI Committee on Standard discussed what already put forward by a lot of PMI members to manage the problem of the possibility respect of maturity model standard about making an item. "Maturity " this one concept follows Carnegie already - institute of project of Mellon university software (TheSoftwareEngineeringInstituteofCarnegie-MellonUniversity) in 1986 be used at software domain to what develop between 1993 " ability maturity model " (CMM) successful and widely known. A project comes to accredit of decision of PMI Committee on Standard develop this kind of standard. Although of PMI " guideline of system of project management knowledge " (namely
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