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OPM3 phylogeny---The 2nd part
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The constituent structure that OPM3 plans besides research group, still an integrated group is in charge of technically undertaking the input of 10 small groups integrated. Plan management recruit 10 leader, be in charge of studying a kind each from the optimal practice element that gets in Er Fei process especially. 10 groups in integrated group (or call design unit) the development that should be in charge of him domain each times medium works. All design unit leader acted crucial role in the development process in the model, they were obtained in the process that medium a few people carry out in the plan rising, and be in a few years of the final phase that the plan completes made positive contribution, these contribution are crucial, indispensable. Dust heart • Laimodousiji (AdeLewandowski) be " the combination of the project and divisional and first step " the leader that designs unit. Later, laimodousiji became dust heart • the leader of compositive group (assume a leader to work jointly with ClaudiaBacca) , he acted crucial role in the job of compositive group. The optimal practice in the project government process the organization and model mixes compositive group ability is compositive arrived one case. Subsequently, dust heart • Laimodousiji is promoted to be stylist, be in charge of ensuring the model undertakes developing according to structural frame design. At present of wave of Mei La • is overcome (MilaBozic) be " project government process entrusts item " the leader that designs unit. Later, gram of at present of wave of Mei La • became a group to lead a medium tiger general. One of a few groups that he is in charge of leading the result that gets in process of Fei of abstraction spy Er. Subsequently, she is promoted to be the controller of quality group, be in charge of ensuring the configuration of the model manages, prompt demand change and ensure of quality standard carry out. Right now, de Ruichi of Lai of blessing of • of the husband that pull Er is " person and ability " the leader that designs unit. 2000-Millennium and design are unitAchievement designs unit group each times to be allocated a kind from the optimal practice that gets in Er Fei activity especially. Optimal practice represented maturity or optimal requirement, project director asks each group opposes optimal practice project (Reverseengineer, the method of a kind of converse design, translator is noted) into arrive again to actor by difference more a certain number of measure that the progressively accumulation of actor promotes or ability. With this kind of means, first-rate practice is turned to grow a large number of capacity of oriented and optimal practice. Plan management field also asks each group will define form this series the interdependent relation between the ability of optimal practice, also want to identify the interdependent relationship between each series that assigns all teams at the same time. With this kind of means, defined the dependence between all and optimal practice, this formed a large network, contact all sorts of ability that implement optimal practice, these ability form each other to be the optimal practice of connection. The engine of this model is called " fiducial network " (BaselineNetwork) . Still defined the individual relation between all ability of this model without other maturity model. Because defined all dependence, reason can identify piece any given optimal practice or given all and specific precondition of ability. What this added a model greatly is practical with flexibility. The content that although unit of these 10 designs is engaged in this model,organizes a structure works, but this group group the in part that represents a project only organizes a structure. Other in part is dedicated the research at strengthening a model. The purpose of research is the opinion that gets an user, satisfy the requirement that is used at designing a model. Project group understanding thinks to offer efficient way to undertake evaluating to organizing project management maturity to market respect to OPM3 standard it is crucial. Project group understanding asks to the market this standard should be reality, practical, use easily, of consistency, can expand, agile, accurate, and note high quality of bring up again, must show the concern between cause and effect clearly at the same time. The another purpose of research is the most crucial question that identifies what the organization faces to be concerned with project management. 2001, in the 2000 people that are surveyed, the person that exceeds 2/3 replies: Their organization has the level that the project chooses, the them project with their specific organization and constituent strategy are contacted together; Only the person of 1/4 thinks: Their organization has the balanced project structure that can implement constituent strategy. The professional personage of 3/4 thinks: Their organization cannot implement a project successfully. Project group thinks this is the main problem that OPM3 should solve. Pass the investigation and study of professional to project management personage, quality ministry organizes the requirement that by project management professional personage place raises with quality function development. With this kind of means, the each design unit of the model undertakes evaluate and discharging graded according to each demand, guide according to the client's demand the design that cites OPM3. For example: Design unit has: Practical capacity (each individual ability that the description implements optimal practice) , operate a level (how does the description come true to arrive from poorer ability the operation of higher capability) , result (the action result that describes every ability) and crucial executive index (describe.
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