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Model of project management maturity helps a company the trend is remarkable
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Former writer: LitterSummary: Have a few kinds of different systems at present 4 or the model of project management maturity of 5 administrative levels, they are a foundation with system of model of software process maturity and project management knowledge mostly, side focal point is different, the standard is endless also and same. It is with the model of Dr. Kecina exemple, the 4th, what 5 administrative levels represented company project to manage is outstanding. Reason thinks model of project management maturity can become the company of all sorts of types, especially the optimal guideline of project dominant enterprise. In the meantime, also be worth to roll out the model of project management maturity that fits China. Key word: The project manages maturity, company project manages, fiducial quite, strategic program

ProjectManagementMaturityModelsCanHelpOrganizationsforExcellenceAbstract:NOwtherearevarious"ProjectManagementMaturityModels"(PMMM)with4or5levels ' System.MostlybasedontheSoftwareCapacityMaturityModelandPMBOK, thesemodelsusevariouscriteriawithdifferentemphasis.Forexample, inDr.Kerzner ' SPMMM, its4thand5thlevelsstandfororganization ' Sexcellenceinprojectmanagement.It ' Sreliablethatsomemodelswillbethebestguidesforvarioustypesoforganizations, especiallyforproject-drivenorganizations.Also, itisworthytodevelopaPMMMthatfitsChinesesituation.KeyWords:pRojectmanagementmaturitymodel, enterpriseprojectmanagement, benchmarking, strategicplanning
All sorts of 1 projects manage the introduction of maturity model
Current, no matter running a group, still run a field in the project, maturity model is a popular topic. 1987, the Ji Mellon inside American card institute of university software project (SEI) industry of rate preexistence software put forward CMM of model of software process maturity from the angle of software process ability, edit through a few, make the model that has extensive effect. Later, have the point of view that much home is organized or the individual manages from the project, referenced CMM model and project run intellectual system, use different level and basis, offerred model of respective project management maturity (PMMM, projectManagementMaturityModel) . The model that basically is like maturity of below a few kinds of project management at present (note: The translated term or name of name of following part enterprise, person is not proper standard) : Model of maturity of process of government of A) Berkeley project (BerkeleyProjectManagementProcessMaturityModel) , combine the model of development by Dr. YoungHoonKwak and Dr. C.WilliamIbbs, abbreviation (PM)2 model; Capstone of B) United States plans to control a company (CapstonePlanning&Control, inc. ) model of project management maturity, the department is taken from at (PM)2 model, agree with this model name, article abbreviation Ca-PMMM; Company of technology of small compose of C) United States (MicroFrameTechnologies, inc. ) run technical company with the project (ProjectManagementTechnologies, inc. ) the 5 class project of development runs maturity model, model of article abbreviation MicroFrame or MF-PMMM; Project of D) United States runs solution company (ProjectManagementSolutions, inc. ) 5 class project runs maturity model, model of article abbreviation PMSolutions or PMS-PMMM; Chart of accept of E) Australian gram and rub Er is private limited company (Knapp&MoorePtyLimited) 4 class project runs maturity model, article abbreviation KM-PMMM; F) United States breaths out accept of at present of division of collect heart · (HaroldKerzner) model of maturity of management of project of 5 administrative levels, article abbreviation is the model of Dr. Kecina or K-PMMM; Project of G) United States runs a society (PMI) OPM3 of model of maturity of company project management, be based on American project to manage institutional mana, should be very authoritative. But at present till, had not seen its make public the circumstance such as the name of this model, description, cannot discuss to this here. H) is additional, the requirement of each level in the system of 4 level attestation of IPMA, also can consider as the differentiates level capability that is aimed at an enterprise the requirement, in some sense, also can be being regarded is model of a kind of maturity. Be in the enterprise of D class for example, just know the term of a few project management and method, project government can use in certain domain; And the enterprise that is in class A, the big project that cooperates between capable management international or can have many project management and plan government. Of course, if want to apply formally, still need to be made to this bigger alter. As to still have a few models, if plan to run maturity model (ProgramManagementMaturityModel) wait, did not introduce one by one. Express the various name of model of a clear CMM, main a few kinds of PMMM, with its approximate Chinese meaning. The lowermost class of most model expresses the disorder of palpability management, advocate fiducial relative concept and method mostly in higher level, and the superlative degree was mirrorred improve continuously, the process that optimizes ceaselessly.
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