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ERP project manages actual combat to talk

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In the eye of ERP project manager that has experience, project management is not what tell on the book so academic change, important is the crucial place that must hold project government.

Read a lot of books that manage about the project, also listened to many this respects groom. But very unfortunate, if want ground of repeat what the book says to apply, may most project does not get die a natural death. Actually, in the eye of ERP project manager that has experience, project management is not what tell on the book so academic change, important is the crucial place that must hold project government, how to just scratch these keys, as the enterprise square with carry out just have different side key, if where manage is harmonious, need bilateral project manager to show the good faith of the greatest wisdom and collaboration.

Project beginning, project manager must the palm accuses overall situation, ERP project is more such. This is battle of a contention, enterprise square with carry out square, will launch first time have a contest here. The information that who possesses is more, who will be held active. General and square, enterprise square project manager is in news inferior position commonly at carrying out square project manager relatively, be just like your home to decorate a building, as a result of the asymmetry of information, as the user general metropolis is decorated business orders about same. At the beginning of ERP is carried out, very rare business can limit his demand clearly, do not have Qi justice clarity to convey in the contract. And carry out square after all experience is more rich, what can the client's demand satisfy, what cannot be satisfied, what is satisfied rise a fee is not big, what cost is huge, periodic and long carrying out always just is know fairly well, and enterprise square because lack the participation of professional personage, be not carried out very hard square left and right sides is decision-making. Normally the circumstance falls, carrying out always just is to oneself favorable direction conducts a business, of course, all these is with managing theory grand discuss esteem talked height to develop way plus current latest technology for Huang Zi amplify diverge, in carry out just be like hourly surging in pluvial saliva, enterprise square often difficult at breathing seeing and hearing, nodding with reverence and awe to say only is, sign finally delimit detain. The discovery after needing a work is incorrect, criterion already what is done cannot be undone. And another extreme is, enterprise Fang Ping asks half pails of a few water to come project director, you say he does not understand, his or is a professor that teachs a management information system in the university, or is a programmer that a few software develop experience. But their common flaw is the executive experience that lacks large ERP system, finite to business management understanding. And battling oneself sciolistic knowledge or experience add begin to grasp industry employer to endow with at informatization construction power over major issues guides both sides a 0 Pan with game are killed in, the state of mind that the enterprise always just is holding suspicion in the arms goes look upon implements any square proposals, carry out the logical step that just takes to control project venture place to regard caustic person as benefit completely already home remedy

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