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"Zhongshan is built " torch defeats incomplete abstruse meeting record

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On September 6, 2008 23 when, millions upon millions look chases after the whole world to come as torch of an ablaze flaming again " bird's nest " . The Hou Bin that loses left leg sits in recumbent both hands and a rope on wheelchair to mount 39 meters of headroom, ignite advocate torch tower, shook whole world. Abstruse meeting torch also created this damage that by Zhongshan China emperor produces the history: In by a definite date 10 days in transferring a process, go out rate for 0, defeated incomplete abstruse meeting record.

Beijing incomplete abstruse meeting torch and torch of Beijing Olympic Games, all by Zhongshan China emperor is made. The emblem that goes up except Yun Wen is different besides, system of other exterior and internal composition, combustion is identical. Abstruse meeting also used incomplete to make 11 kinds of equipment such as lamp of stage of fire of emperor of firearm, city, kindling identically. Incomplete the amount of abstruse meeting torch is less, altogether has 2372 only.
"Abstruse meeting torch extinguishs incomplete rate for 0, can saying is China emperor the incident of sex of a mark in technology of combustion domain tip. " when Huang Qijun of president of chief engineer, China emperor is accepting a reporter to interview, torch technology safeguard says, "China emperor affirms in the torch research and development, accord that made the achievement that go up get official of Olympic Games Organizing Committee. All pain that experience at the outset and tired worth while. All pain that experience at the outset and tired worth while..
As we have learned, during the Olympic Games, the installation that the torch technology of China emperor ensured a group to undertake Olympic Games torch more than 20000 times in all, debug the job. Blaze adjustment is torch flaming key holds below different environment, this also has very big concern with the engineer's experience. Be the actual setup that had this more than 20000 times, experience that debugs torch, just had damage the record-breaking of abstruse meeting torch.
China emperor torch in Beijing Olympic Games and incomplete the perfect expression of abstruse meeting let Huang Qijun be full of self-confidence to future, he says: "The torch technology of China emperor already be obvious to all, but we still can innovate ceaselessly, meet new challenge. Meet new challenge..
Huang Qijun discloses, at present Hua Dizheng is being prepared actively, will participate in 2012 the contest mark of torch of London Olympic Games.

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