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Quality control governs medium function in municipal project project

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One, the main responsibility that control of quality of sufficient understanding project is project manager.

On project project, project manager is the full-fledged member that legal entity representing attends in the project, the project that is in charge of has as identical as company director responsibility and power, so project manager should run good person, money, thing not only, what should manage good project is harmonious with project plan, obtain regular economic benefits, more important is the control that should seize good project mass, create certain social benefit, gain reputation for the enterprise, develop broader market, the development of such enterprises just can have delayed effect, ability has an outlet, ability is in market competition remain invincible. To project manager character, the control of project quality, it is responsible to the project not simply, the development that more important is pair of enterprises has great strategic sense. So project manager and project manger department want firm establish " quality the first " thought, catch good project quality to regard as seriously oneself obligatory responsibility.

2, company quality control and project quality pilot are limitted.

Want to control quality of good project project, be about to make clear company quality control and relation of project quality pilot. Company quality management is in charge of photograph comparing with project quality, its form, content and property produced change, want to analyse the office of both similarities and differences when two kinds of quality are controlled so, such ability offer specific target and range for project quality management, make project project quality gains reasonable and effective control.

Although the control of the control of municipal construction company to project quality and project manger department to project quality is mutual closely related, but the management that is two different ideas and administrative levels. Its distinguish expression to manage face of Zhu Fang of main body, object, content, method to having apparent difference to be in. The principal part that company quality manages is the each function branch of the enterprise, and the principal part that project quality manages is a project manger department and the member that what its belong to orgnaization or function person; The object that company quality manages is total construction job, and project quality management is to be aimed at specific construction project and corresponding support of the people the factor of production such as content, the key is the management of working procedure quality; The enterprise sets out from overall point of view, wait with respect to the target of quality management, guiding principle, organization, system, major project undertake administrative, the whole process that the content of a day quality management permeates project construction, it is in spatio-temporal interweave together with project construction. Accordingly, project quality management is the main factor that project acceptable quality forms; Company quality management is indirect management and control, main in order to supervise, examination, detect, guidance is a method. So, quality of municipal construction company manages in order to organize a gender macroscopical managing to be dominant, and project quality manages in order to control a gender microcosmic managing to be dominant. Project management overcame the malpractice that traditional business management exists, make each factor of production optimizes configuration, the meaning that project manager is in charge of making more clarified explicitly the main responsibility that the implementation of project quality target is project manager. Accordingly, in construction of municipal project project, the element that to all direct or indirect effects project quality character forms undertakes management is category of project quality pilot.

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