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Chinese telegraphic equipment supplies tycoon PMP to groom course of class first

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This week, some telecommunication equipment supplies tycoon PMP to groom course of class first phase rings down the curtain satisfactorily.

This series course basically faces PMP to for reference student, enter oneself for an examination in order to get the qualification of PMP is surface layer target, it is basic need in order to promote actual combat skill. The design of this series course is based on actual combat and should try double target, it is outstanding requirement in order to master technology of project management core, tool, method, with forring reference actively, main sprint is groom direction.

Because of this, contemporary and outstanding configured series project to run course for its. This series course is a foundation with marrow of project management core, the sprint before taking an examination of is oriented, former aim to make full knowledge reserve for latter, lay next theoretical foundations, point to the target of actual combat at the same time, transmit classical project to manage technology, tool and method, the project that latter aims to get earlier stage manages what knowledge guides PMP takes an exam to should try an environment, directive student fors reference actively from concept, theory and methodological level.

In this item executive process, contemporary and outstanding relevant groom the mode that the service formed perfect system and maturity, from the survey before the class, course design, guidance signing up, review guideline of guidance of directive, prepare lessons before class, sprint to serve to follow-up, whole journey of a few A-Z coachs and the key palm of crucial node accused to ensure student can be finished smoothly relevant job signing up and for reference preparation, get the actual combat mastery of a skill or technique that can use to will work henceforth in great quantities from inside groom at the same time, came true to groom of accrual the biggest change.

Of this project 2 period course is about to start. Believe 2 period course and after this are contemporary and outstanding numerous this kind of course can achieve bigger breakthrough on this high-ranking foundation again.

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