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Project government help associates promotion executive force and core competitio

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One, setting

Personal computer industry grows at full speed in recent years. 2006, sales volume of global personal computer achieved 230 million, grew 9% compared to the same period. The product that associate divides personal computer this one advocate outside course of study, still include server and memory, print, umbriferous reach product of options, service and mobile phone with product of bad news material, number. 2007 the 2nd quarter, associate 96% what personal computer turnover occupies total turnover.

Since associating at buying branch of IBM personal computer in May 2005, abroad change outspread pace to be accelerated ceaselessly. Associate headquarters also goes to the United States from Chinese Beijing change Luo Li. Associate in the whole world at present 66 countries have extension form, professional work is begun in 166 countries, more than 25000 stuff are had in the whole world. Associate cent is 4 areas: Europe, middle east and big China area, America area, Asia-Pacific area, Africa area. Every area sets function branch, include production, carry, supply catenary, sale, sale to wait. 2007 the 2nd quarter, 59% what the turnover beyond big China area occupies total turnover.

2, challenge

Before 2004, the transnational corporation such as the Dai Er that enters China, HP has not suited to this locality market, did not form effective to what associate competition. But 2004, their this locality changed the market share that couplet considers to produce bigger impact. Be in especially big client domain. Associate executive force of urgent need promotion and core competition ability, obtain better market outstanding achievement.

3, solution

To answer these challenges, associate when formulate strategy planned 2004, put forward to want to undertake changing to original business mode, and serve as the project drive the main way that company strategy and business mode change. Concrete step is as follows:

Above all, regard company strategy as executive measure project management:

1, after the strategy plans to end, can plan the major task that a few need cross a branch to solve into the project, solve through strategic project form. Strategic project and project of research and development are different, value cannot be measured with time, cost, the likelihood is open up new field, solve a problem, improve constituent efficiency, strategic resource is integrated, raise employee satisfaction to spend with ability. Put in a few strategies to plan to do not have the circumstance of very good follow-up before. Executive strategy solved this one problem after project management. Strategic project can be fulfilled effectively and translate into achievement.

2, establish strategic project to run the office (PMO) , unite administrative strategy project. Arrived 2004 at the beginning of 2005, associate PMO built project management system, include office of flow, project government to organize a framework, decided strategic layer and project government office concern, and strategic layer and resource are estimated relation. Associate the macroscopical standard that the relevant standard of other department should accord with PMO. And more detailed standard comes by business section formulate. PMO did not interfere a project on administration, offer however groom etc service, build standardization flow. Employee regards PMO as resource. Some enterprises turn PMO into administration the orgnaization is one of its unsuccessful reasons. Associate the job of PMO is very effective. The group won preeminent group award. Associate the application that thinks project management is in an enterprise should accord with certain condition. It is the enterprise encounters a challenge, namely external environment requirement; 2 it is the high level takes seriously; 3 it is to have specialization group. Specializationed group can make the system that accords with business environment; 4 it is constituent culture, constituent culture should have acknowledge to project management, when be being carried out otherwise, push do not move.

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