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Contemporary and outstanding will groom 8 years in September- - company of some

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In September 2008 8-9 date, contemporary and outstanding the project management that in Shanghai some hotel creates a company for some international electric power and automation grooms achieve complete success again.
Example course setting provides Bencipei international level, it is to be this enterprise that cross a state to be not project administrator to measure a body to have something made to order, setting of project management course runs a society with American project (PMI) content of system of administrative level knowledge gives priority to institutional global project, the experience elaborate design that combines group of contemporary and outstanding education to be engaged in project management is taught and seeking advice for years in China and into. Hold an advanced sex, actual combat sex and operation sex concurrently. Combine experience of early days teaching, had new conformity and expansion to course, have competition ability more thereby.
Contemporary and outstanding measure a body to should cross state-owend enterprise trade custom-built " project management ABC " groom, had taken a few year with this enterprise, the purpose is to let student system understand system of project management knowledge (PMBOK) , familiar project manages average term, preliminary control the ideology that process of modern project government and skill, tool understands project management through project case analysis, the method that uses project government will coach project, practice communication project manages experience

Contemporary and predominant group grooms the professional level of division and enthusiasm are deduced gave sufficient affirmation and height the opinion. Student is taken an active part in, spot atmosphere is enthusiastic. Class hind investigates questionnaire to show, satisfaction is spent be as high as 100% , be not the number of number outclass satisfaction of constant satisfaction among them, a lot of people show, feel groomed time is too short, hope enterprise asks these some of senior teachers that are like predominant group to be able to combine his to work euqally more, give specific work the teacher of great help.

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