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From divine boat middle school of engineering of 7 manned space flight reviews q

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Regard divine boat as project of 7 manned space flight bear build one of units, what this 200 factories assume is divine boat the electronic product development in 7 control system, assemble the task, be like the electronic product on rocket, emissive equipment, include the spot with hep people to direct what central big screen shows to pour timing number system to wait.
Controlling a system is divine boat project of 7 manned space flight one of 7 old systems. Come for years, include 200 plants inside unit of each member of spaceflight times company, the electronic product of the high-powered, high accuracy that the project of series of divine boat airship that is China and telemetering, remote control and communication system offerred thousands of variety, macrobian life, in quality management the respect accumulated a lot of successful experience.
Cherished tradition analysis is met
Analysis of 3 level quality can be undoubtedly " a lot of successful experience " one of. This " god 7 " in producing a course, 200 factories reoccupy this " cherished tradition " , make systematic project management and product make sure ability got remarkable promotion, to ensure " god 7 " enter the space smoothly stand left meritorious military service.
This factory radio assembles 2 groups is the team and group that basically is engaged in the model such as the rocket producing the job about instrument general assembly. Be in receive " god 7 " after product of the type at the beginning of some model sends the manufacturing job that controls a station, this team and group held group quality analysis to meet above all, will all blueprint and production undertook actually checking one by one.
Carry out experience by right of old rigorous management and production, the analysis meets a member think: This model hair accuses there is 100 on the stage many relay, difficulty of product quality pilot is very great. Classics team and group combines report to hold operating rules and real work experience after, use brains storm method again, found the way that solves a problem finally. The analysis can make assembled 2 groups to be finished as scheduled not only send mission of production controlling a station, and returned design personnel to put forward a lot of rationalize to suggest in structural respect.
Quality analysis can be " Zhu Gehui " , also be management is decorated at the same time meeting. On the meeting, to there is interrogative link in exercise, they ask employee undertakes feedback in time to concerned personnel, cannot experimental work; Ask to must be carried out strictly to each program document management that offer, put an end to have an order not the appearance that abide, violate the rules and regulations handles. To production medium " common disease " , " frequently-occurring disease " , they still are adopted " often catch indefatigable, have can carry surely " method will put an end to quality hidden trouble, have the idea of perambulatory examination through select quality supervisor, correct what appear possibly in time to violate act of compasses violate the rules and regulations. And once produced quality problem, they analyse the way of the meeting through holding mass in time, let everybody analyse a reason together, capture jointly difficulty.
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